We love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for glass with others. Why not host your next group event with us?

Making glass requires knowing your job and having the experience and wisdom to act quickly when the unexpected happens. Bring your group to watch our teamwork and then let us help each of you create a memorable piece of glass. It’s a great way to build community and have a great time.

Narrated Demo & Studio Tour  

We make a medium-large size piece and discuss the process of making glass, introduce you to the studio & tools, discuss the history of glass, and glass in today’s society.  The cost is $15/person (10 people or $150 minimum).  The Demo lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half.   We typically start these at 10 am or 1 pm Wednesday – Friday.  We have seating for up to about 40 people.

Make a Something Event

Come make glass with us! Participants get to choose their form (flower, implosion bowl, ornaments) and select two colors.  They then get to help apply the color and blow/shape their piece.  We can do about 8 of these an hour (with two benches working).  Your safety and ours is important to us!  So, everyone who makes glass with us must read our online Safety Policy and sign our Safety Waiver BEFORE coming to the studio.  If participants are under the age of 18, the policy and waiver must be read & signed by their parent or legal guardian.  Participants must be eight years and older.  The cost for this is $60/piece.   A group of 12  participants to participate in a Make a Something Event would take a little more than 2 hours (including safety orientation & color selections).

Demo & Make a Something Event

The two are joined together with the Demo being closer to the one-hour time frame.  The cost for this is $75/person.  Other forms that can be made, including pumpkins and candy dishes.  Upgrading to these forms adds time and an additional fee of $15/person.  Please have each participant fill out their Safety Waiver BEFORE coming to the studio


We have two large tables on our back patio, which can seat 24 people. You are welcome to bring food & beverage for your event.

Other Details

All group events require a non-refundable $150 deposit to hold a reservation (this goes towards the total cost of the event).   We have a 72-hour cancellation policy; if you cancel more than 72 hours ahead of time, the deposit becomes a studio credit for a later date. 

We prefer full payment before the event.  We can send an online invoice for payment ahead of time.  If paying individually, we can set up a private sign up system for payment, and you can send out a link to your invitees. Any additional funds are due the day of the event.  For groups making glass with us, we include a minimum 15% gratuity to be shared by the glassmakers and their assistants. 

Glass must anneal (cool) slowly in a controlled environment.  Typically the pieces are ready in 24 hours.  We can pack and ship your glass forms for an additional cost. 

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  1. Diane DelVecchio on December 4, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    I would like to get the ‘making something together’ event for my sister. She live in Tomball Tx.
    It would be a Christmas gift. Could I give in to her — then have her select the date?

    Thank you,

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