I was born and reared in the breadbasket of America, the Great Plains of Kansas, and I began creating Art early in my life. I lived out in the country and my family utilized our resources to their fullest potential. Therefore, I learned how to work hard, improvise, and use whatever was at hand. As I matured my interests remained in Art but I studied engineering and science trying to follow the footprints of other family members. However, it soon became clear to me that my heart and soul were those of an artist. I have always enjoyed sharing my enthusiastic love for art and its creation with students of all ages in both formal and informal settings. I have taught art history and studio classes at both the college and high school levels.

I have an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston. Prior to completing that degree, I did graduate work at North Texas State, the University of Kansas, Fort Hayes State University, and the University of Nebraska. My undergraduate art degree is from Marymount College of Kansas. This was a private liberal arts college supported by the Catholic Church, the Sisters of Saint Mary’s. I received a strong studio and art history background from this academic training.

Art is my world and I enjoy exploring the use of new techniques with different materials. I have been a practicing artist for over 40 years and am a life-long learner who is lucky enough to have always had a home studio where I could produce my Three Dimensional Visions. Currently, I am focused on integrating hot glass techniques into my portfolio of expertise. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn and I believe that learning is a two way process from the instructor to the student artist and vice-versa.

Because of my varied studies, I understand that we humans are part of an integrated system. This system is civilization; all parts are connected and can affect each other. That being my reality, it is logical and necessary for me to combine fields to produce my Art. I believe that the creative act is a part of every person. However, some are able to see the world without the human boundaries that have been emplaced. As an artist, I use all of my experiences and knowledge when I am attempting a solution. There are infinite resources available to us and to be successful we must investigate and integrate the appropriate ones.


in the heartland – Abilene, Kansas

University of Houston, MFA
Took advantage of my college years doing graduate work at a number of places…
Marymount College, BFA

Art, Science and a myriad of other pursuits including my koi pond

Art Glass Quarterly

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“I think, therefore I am.” Descartes