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Open-Access Studio

What does it mean to be an open-access studio? Observers are welcome during our regular business hours Rental time is available for glassblowers wanting to continue exploring glass Experiences and workshops are offered to expand self-expression (Saturdays and Sundays) Lessons are available to glass enthusiast who want to learn to blow We also offer a…

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Group Events

Group Events Host Events

We love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for glass with others. Why not host your next group event with us? Making glass requires knowing your job and having the experience and wisdom to act quickly when the unexpected happens. Bring your group to watch our teamwork and then let us help each of you create…

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Repairing Glass

Glass Repairs

“Oh no, I broke my favorite________. My workers broke______and it must be repaired or replaced. This piece has so much sentimental value I want it back together.” We get multiple calls a month about repairing various glass pieces. People think that since we make glass art that repairing glass pieces would be a simple thing for us to…

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Custom Designs

We love making glass and the challenge of making your dreams into reality! Your glass piece should be just what you want, so the process takes some effort. Custom orders for specialty glass might start with a phone call or an email. But for us to make an assessment of whether this is something we can successfully…

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Six-Week GlassBlowing Sessions

Six-Week Session GlassBlowing

Want to learn to blow glass? Want to start back after a lengthy hiatus?  We love teaching, sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for glass as the material of choice. We use a systemic approach to teach glassblowing in a series of three progressive six-week classes.   Classes in our six-week sessions meet one time a week for…

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Wedding (Unity) Glass

The Unity Ceremony symbolize the intertwining of two unique individuals into a partnership, a blending of lives into a joined union. There are several options to use in a Unity Ceremony, but one unique way is through the medium of glass. During the wedding ceremony, you combine different colored glass crystals. After the service, an experienced glassmaker will…

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Come watch glassblowing and be “Blown Away” with us!

Are you “Blown Away” by the glassblowing on the Netflix series? Were you totally enthralled or are you binge watching?  Wouldn’t you love to go to the Corning Studio and play with fire? Do you realize that you can come to your local hot shop and watch us blow glass live? Or that you can actively…

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Opportunities Abound!

Opportunities Abound Glass Art Create Glass Host Events Custom Glass

Three Dimensional Visions offers you an experience of a lifetime! You get to see glass in its liquid state. You get to see it poured like honey, blown up like a balloon and then manipulated like silly putty. While you watch or participate, you will be intrigued, amazed, and even educated. Come on out and…

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The Studio is Ours and the Dreams are YOURS!

Okay, so it has been a long time since our last entry. Life has gotten in the way. But let us tell you a story.  Not so very long ago, a group of artisans came together with the intent of creating art and showing others how to express their artistic ideas in glass. After an…

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Creativity…where does it come from?

Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s erratic, nonlinear, and unreliable. It defies logic and often endorses the opposite. As an artist, one must jump from the right side of the brain to the left side and back again, all day long. To create something “new” and different one must go from logical…

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