Creativity…where does it come from?

Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s erratic, nonlinear, and unreliable. It defies logic and often endorses the opposite. As an artist, one must jump from the right side of the brain to the left side and back again, all day long. To create something “new” and different one must go from logical…

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Glass Blowing, Childhood & Creativity

Creativity & Childhood

Remember when you were a kid? The world was yours to do anything: a paper grocery bag was a spacesuit helmet, a cardboard box was a fort, a house, or a car; a tree was a castle. Nothing stopped you from reimagining the world into any fantasy adventure. Do you miss that fun? Wish you could conquer the dragon, grab…

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Giving Birth @ The Hot Shop

Birth of an Idea

I was thinking about life here at the Hot Shop.  You know, glass blowing, teaching others and boldly going where I’ve not gone before.  Just the usual stuff.  Anyway, it reminded me of a line from a Bob Dylan song.  It went like this “Man not busy being born is busy dying”.  And that in…

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What do you think creativity is?

What do you think creativity is? Is creativity the phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created? To me, the capacity to be creative is one of the most important characteristics that we as humans can possess. Whether we are creating a “new” idea or a piece of art, the process draws upon all the…

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