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Why not take a mini-vacation?

There is nothing better than to get together with friends and family to celebrate something special or just the joy of living. Sometimes we get caught up in the merry go round of life, and we forget to take time out to just pause. Rejuvenation You would think that after 35 years in corporate America, I…

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Mother’s are Special – Good Memories

Some days are longer than others. Sometimes it seems like I am in a fog. I have had several false starts on this blog, one of which I have posted. Isn’t it fortunate that I can edit with a touch of the button all the blog mistakes I have made? I wish I could do the same with…

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A unique adventure – Glass Camp- during Spring Break

Want to take a break from the mundane and have a real adventure while you create your art? Explore warm and hot glass at Three Dimensional Visions during Spring Break! We offer two five day sessions from 10 am – 2:30 for ages 14 and over. There are two days of warm glass, where you…

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Give the Gift of a Memory

Remember when you were a kid, and you asked your folks what they wanted for a special occasion, and they said: “Hey, just make me something”? Perhaps Grandma and Grandpa said the same thing. You made something and it came from the heart, you gave it to someone, and they were thrilled. Okay, it’s time…

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Giving Thanks

Gatherings, turkey, and pumpkin pie are things that we associate with Thanksgiving. Year after year, you celebrate with families and friends. What do you remember? The warmth of family, the smell of pumpkin pie, the taste of the turkey and dressing? Isn’t the setting as important as the meal? You can come and purchase a pumpkin for your table or…

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