Glass Blowing Houston

Creativity…where does it come from?

Creativity is a funny thing…Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t.  It’s erratic, nonlinear and unreliable.  It defy’s logic and often endorses the opposite.  As an artist one must jump from the right side of the brain to the left side and back again, all day long.  In order to create something “new” and different one must go from logical to crazy, irrational to ordered, regimented to chaotic.  Finally you get to a point where you are considered logically crazy and what you create is Art.

In order to be truly creative one must realize that exploring every logical, rational, ordered outcome is just half of an idea’s potential.  It is the random, spontaneous and unscripted moments that produce quantum breakthroughs.

Glass allows us to be creative.  It can follow the lead, but when it’s hot it can also take the lead..leading us to outcomes that make us better glass makers or give us new ideas.

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