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Extraordinary is just the beginning – Glass Blowing @ Three Dimensional Visions

Do you ever wake up and think, “Wow”! I’d sure like to do something ordinary today”?  Me Neither.

You my friend are in luck, at Three Dimensional Visions extraordinary is just a starting point.  What we do with You and Fire is incredible.  Let me describe the experience for you.

Think back to the last time you were sitting around a campfire with friends and someone breaks out the marshmallows.  Remember impaling the marshmallow on a coat hanger and sticking it into the fire?  The flames begin to soften the spongy white treat almost immediately and soon the edges begin to turn brown and get crispy.  You could barely wait to devour this unique treat.  Well, when you come here and work with our glass and guidance your experience is marshmallow sweet and the feeling you get warms your inside for a lot longer.

Have a good ordinary day.  We will keep the fire hot for you till you are ready for the extraordinary!





“Enriching lives through artistic self-expression.”


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