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Our Glass Art Gallery offers another unique venue for small to medium gatherings.  Please contact us if you are interested in hosting your special occasion with us.

We will be holding a series of Outdoor Markets during  2021.  If you are an artist please see our Book Now page to reserve your space.  If you are a collector or glass enthusiast please add our market dates to your calendar.


Images of some of our emerging thoughts or working series are shown below.  Please contact us if interested.

Resident Artists for Three Dimensional Visions include  Patrick Kerry Brown (PKB), Michael Kerry Brown (MKB), and  Sally Pennington Moore (SPM),


  • Open Thursday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm
  • Other times by appointment (281) 734-0366

Patrick Kerry Brown 

Patrick is currently working on three series:  Smoke Trails,  Beak Forms, and his newest one Silk Worms.  Smoke Trails involves distorting white cane as one of the color elements.  Beak Form is the actual form of the piece where one side is pulled higher than the other and curved  more dramatically.  Silk Worms involves the creation of short cased cane which are stratigically placed on the piece via roll-up or individual placement.  The cased cane is made with an opaque white and blown so that it looks ethereal.

Michael Kerry Brown

Michael is currently focused on a continuation of his String Theory Series and a new blown sculpted series called Passive Carnivores.  His original string theory pieces are wall installations.  The new versions are exhibited on steel pedestals or stands which are included as part of the piece.  Michael has always been intrigued by carnivorous plants and that is the basis for the Passive Carnivore Series.

Sally Pennington Moore

Sally continues to design her Cross-Over Series.  In blown glass these are pieces where the color setup is done in the warm studio, using fusing techniques.  She is also pursuing a cross-over series of wall installations that utilize cane and murrini made in the hot shop as color elements on some of her Pick Up Stick Series and Accent Sticks.  In the meantime, she and the team have been creating gazing balls for the yard and for fountain tops as well as other vibrantly colored landscape pieces.

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