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Mother’s are Special

Some days are longer than others.   Sometimes it seems like I am in a fog.  I have had several false starts on this blog, one of which I have posted.  Isn’t it fortunate that I can edit with a touch of the button all the blog mistakes I have made?  I wish I could do the same with times in my life.   Unfortunately there is no edit button with memories.  So I suppose we have to create good memories the first time round.

May is a full month for us.  Three birthdays and then of course there is Mother’s Day.  My Mother passed recently and we had numerous good times, my only regret is that there weren’t even more and this is my first Mother’s Day without her.   Times that we have with our Mother’s last forever.  Once they pass they can just be remembered, so fill your time with joy.  Create new and unique memories which will last for years — for your Mother and for you.  From all of us at Three Dimensional Visions we wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all and may your time together be something to cherish.

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