Safety Policy

Working with glass is an exciting experience, however a few simple rules are needed to ensure a safe and memorable time. It is important to be constantly aware of yourself, others, and your surroundings!

Assume everything in this studio is very hot and/or sharp. Be careful where you lean or place your hands. If you don’t know, don’t touch! If you prefer not to participate in a certain step or activity let us know. This is all about having fun and exploring the process of working with glass. In the unlikely event there is an accident notify a staff member immediately.  For the safety of others if you are sick or think you may be coming down with something, please do not blow in our pipes.

Pay close attention to your instructor. They will advise you of the first aid kit and fire extinguisher locations during the safety orientation. They will demonstrate the entire work process and walk you through each step. Ask questions or let them know if you are uncomfortable at any time.

A studio can be a dangerous environment where things can happen very quickly. Be prepared to stay focused and pay attention at all times. Watch out for others and always announce when you are moving with hot tools or hot glass in hand.

We work with high temperatures and you must hydrate before, during, and after your participation. If you feel dizzy, weak or need a break notify staff and move away from the equipment to rehydrate. Water is available for all workshop participants.

In our effort to ensure your safety and the safety of others we require everyone to fill out a safety questionnaire. We reserve the right to deny access or remove any participant from an event based on our assessment of the individual’s potential risk of injury. Partial refunds for any remaining sessions may be issued upon receipt of a doctor’s notice if it is determined you should not participate.

In preparation:
Wear natural fibers – cotton or wool. Natural fibers hold sweat, while nylon and other synthetics can melt with heat and stick/burn to the skin. Long sleeves and blue jeans are recommended to protect your skin from the heat. Do not wear bulky, loose or heavy clothing.

Wear closed toe shoes – no open toes or heels, no sandals. You will be standing most of the time so wear comfortable shoes.

Protect your eyes – Wear glasses instead of contacts. Sunglasses should be worn if you are sensitive to bright light. If you have sun glasses and/or safety glasses bring them.

Please tie back long hair.

Hydrate. Drink lots of water prior to your participation. Bringing your own water or sports works best.

No alcohol or illegal drugs. Studios are smoke free.

Do not: wear heavy metal jewelry that hangs away from your body as it conducts heat, especially watches or bracelets on your wrists.

Do not: wear lipstick, lip gloss or Chapstick. Some projects require blowing through the pipe and lip cosmetics add to contamination.
You may take pictures! Please notify us if we cannot use your image for marketing/web site purposes.

Do not:  blow in our pipes if you are sick or think you may be sick.

EVERYONE must fill out a questionnaire and sign a waiver/release form before working in the studio.
Anyone under 18 MUST be accompanied or signed in by an adult.


Safety Questionnaire