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Summer Fireworks & Fusing Fun

Summertime is full of great memories.  I grew up along a tidal estuary and summer was filled with crabbing & shrimping, sailing, and swinging across the marsh on a tire swing.  We also caught bullfrogs and sold them to the neighbors to make frog legs.  I remember mud between my toes and watching fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July.  Michael’s summertime memories are Memorial Day races, working with horses and pigs, 4H Camp, bailing hay, and on the Fourth of July shooting fireworks during the day and watching the aerial firework displays at night from the back balcony of his home.    Summer activities for Patrick were based around swim team fun, Saturday morning swim meets, and picnics at the pool.  This evolved into Being a life guard, the swim team manager, and the coach.  However every summer there were always fireworks on the Fourth.

Fireworks play a big part in our summer memories.  We would like them to play a big part in your summer fun too.  So has the Summer heat got you running for cover?  How would you like to have a hot time and still be cool?  When our bombs burst in the air they last forever.  Try an introductory experience and create your own circular fused dichroic fireworks tile.  It will light your fire, but it won’t hurt your ears.  Learn to score & cut glass, basic design principles, and the basic annealing process.  So show your Independence and create your own glass art. 3 hr workshop, 1-4 pm  Saturday’s & Sunday’s during the summer $150/person

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