Glass Blowing Houston

Summer is over

Hmmm…Summer is over, the Olympics are over, the month of routine maintenance in our glass blowing studio is finished. So what’s next?

Well after a couple of days at the beach it is time to look forward. It is a time to assess our overall experience with our glass making in the hot shop and in the kiln forming studio: What works, what doesn’t and how do we improve. What can we do to provide a fresh, unique and enriching experience for all that come through our doors?

We offer a variety of aesthetic goodies for all tastes. There is a studio showroom filled with warm & hot glass art and there are two other gallery venues for the “armchair enthusiast”. We provide glass blowing demonstrations which are open to the public for individuals and then for groups we can do a demonstration and or a Make a Something event. There are educational experiences in the form of our demo/tour event, glass blowing experiences, glass blowing weekend workshops, kilnforming projects, as well as our six week experiences to learn how to blow glass. The demo, studio tour, and discussion about the history of glass and its place in todays society is great for field trips, social clubs, and large groups. For the smaller group we can do the demo and a Make a Something event where everyone who wants to gets to make some glass in the hot shop. Glass Blowing is a team sport and we offer “team building” opportunities to demonstrate how working together as a group can provide optimal results and that integrating and maximizing diverse potential in a group makes it stronger. And for the all out hardcore glass enthusiast we offer a line of six week sessions for glass blowing that build on one another in a logical progression.

If you can think of other things that we can do please give us your ideas. “Enriching lives through artistic self-expression” is more that just a “catch phrase” for us, it’s what we believe and want to achieve.

And remember, don’t just sit there…go make something!

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