Glass Blowing Houston

The Studio is ours and the Dreams are YOURS!

Okay, so it has been a long time since our last entry.  Life has gotten in the way…but, let us tell you a story.  Not so very long ago a group of artisans came together with the intent of creating art and showing others how to express their artistic ideas in glass.

After an exhausting search the group found the perfect site.  The location is in the northwest Houston area, not too far off the beaten path (Texas State Highway 99, the Grand Parkway).  Upon securing the location, the group pooled their heads, hearts and hands to build an almost magical place.  On the outside it is an unassuming structure, but once inside Dreams are born.  It is a place where glass flows like honey and the colors of the rainbow are there for the taking.  It is a place where ideas take form and memories last forever.

We invite you to come express yourself in a new and wondrous way in a unique setting.  The Studio is Ours and the Dreams are YOURS!

@ Three Dimensional Visions Glass Blowing Houston

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