Glass Blowing Houston

Zen and the Art of Glass Blowing

I was wondering why I have such a fascination with glass and glass blowing.  Why I need to be in the studio every day?  After pondering this for some time I came to realize that working with glass is a lot like dealing with life…

Think about it, when the glass is hot it is like a romantic interest.  The material invites you with its flowing and swaying movements and in return you add heat and a gentle touch and the end result is something beautiful.  Like a relationship, with some care it can last a lifetime, but with neglect it can shatter like a window hit by a baseball.

Likewise, glass blowing is often a collaborative act…you know, like the decision to start a family.  There is of course a distinct difference with glass blowing and that is..what you make you can enjoy without the need to feed, clothe, school, vaccinate  or change diapers.  But you do have to pay utilities, by supplies, and work, work, work…

So tell me grasshopper…What is it that bothers you today, other than the fact that you are not having fun with us in the studio?

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